Past Talks

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A Vespa Tour

Matt Overstreet Haystack 2018

A visual approach to search strategy formulation

Tony Russell-Rose Haystack EU 2018

Autocomplete as Relevancy

Rimple Shah Haystack 2019

Catch My Drift? - Building bridges with Word Embeddings

Peter Dixon-Moses Haystack 2018

Custom Solr Query Parser Design Option, and Pros & Cons

Bertrand Rigaldies Haystack 2019

Embracing Diversity: Searching over Multiple Languages

Suneel Marthi & Jeff Zemerick Haystack 2018

Evolving a Medical Image Similarity Search

Sujit Pal Haystack 2018

From clicks to models, the Wikimedia LTR pipeline

Erik Bernhardson Haystack 2018

Getting started with search tuning and search relevance

Karen Renshaw Haystack EU 2018

How The New York Times Tackles Relevance

Jeremiah Via Haystack 2019

Interleaving: from evaluation to self learning

John T. Kane Haystack 2018

Learning Learning To Rank

Torsten Köster, Fabian Klenk & René Kriegler Haystack EU 2018

Learning to Rank in an Hourly Job Marketplace

Xun Wang Haystack EU 2018

Making the case for human judgement relevance testing

Tara Diedrichsen and Tito Sierra Haystack 2019

Natural Language Search with Knowledge Graphs

Trey Grainger Haystack 2019

Ontology and Oncology: NLP for Precision Medicine

Sean Mullane Haystack 2019

Real-Time Entity Resolution with Elasticsearch

Dave Moore Haystack 2018

Search-based recommendations at Politico

Ryan Kohl Haystack 2019

Search Quality: A Business-Friendly Perspective

Peter Fries Haystack 2018

Search with Vectors

Simon Hughes Haystack 2019

The keystone (Keynote)

Doug Turnbull Haystack 2018

The Relevance of Solr's Semantic Knowledge Graph

Trey Grainger Haystack 2018

Search quality evaluation: tools and techniques

Torsten Köster & Fabian Klenk & René Kriegler Haystack EU 2018

Solving for Satisfaction: Introduction to Click Models

Elizabeth Haubert Haystack 2019

Visualizing search results

Sebastian Russ Haystack EU 2018

What is Search Relevance?

Max Irwin Haystack 2019

Haystack Europe 2019 Keynote

Bertrand Rigaldies Haystack EU 2019

Balancing the Dimensions of User Intent

Trey Grainger Haystack EU 2019

Query Intelligence: Understanding User Intent

Erica Lesyshyn Haystack EU 2019

Relevant Facets

Lucian Precup Haystack EU 2019

Ranking article comments using reinforcement learning

Lester Solbakken Haystack EU 2019

Semantic Search Ecosystem

Erica Lesyshyn Haystack/MICES/Berlin Buzzwords 2020

Click logs and insights - Putting the search experts in your audience to work

Peter Dixon-Moses Haystack/MICES/Berlin Buzzwords 2020

Top 10 Lessons learned in search projects the past 10 years

Jettro Coenradie Haystack/MICES/Berlin Buzzwords 2020

Evolving Relevance

Tim Allison Haystack/MICES/Berlin Buzzwords 2020

Thought Vectors, Knowledge Graphs, and Curious Death(?) of Keyword Search

Trey Grainger Haystack/MICES/Berlin Buzzwords 2020

Search Relevance Organizational Maturity Model

Eric Pugh Haystack LIVE! 2020

An Exploration of Search Visualization Strategies

Dan Worley Haystack LIVE! 2020

The Search Engine Migration Circus

Max Irwin Haystack LIVE! 2020

Context sensitive autocomplete suggestions using LSTM and Pair-wise learning

Dileep Kumar Patchigolla Haystack LIVE! 2020

How to Build your Training Set for a Learning to Rank Project

Alessandro Benedetti Haystack LIVE! 2020