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Haystack US 2024 - Week of 22nd April

Haystack US 2024 was held in Charlottesville, Virginia, the home of OpenSource Connections, during the week of April 22nd. It was an amazing week of search and AI:

  • For those just starting in search, a first all-day workshop How To Improve Search When You Don’t Have A Search Team on Monday 22nd April, taught by the team at OpenSource Connections
  • Main conference days Tuesday 23rd & Wednesday 24th April:
    • Conference talks by speakers from Moody's, AWS OpenSearch, MongoDB, Reddit, Yelp, Elastic & more - check out the talks with slides and videos in the talk schedule
    • Conference Dinner Tuesday 23rd (included in your conference ticket)
    • Sponsored Birds of a Feather Dinners Wednesday 24th thanks to the generosity of Elastic, Pinecone and OpenSource Connections (signup link provided on your ticket)
  • More workshops & a hackday on Thursday 25th April:
    • Measure Search & AI with a workshop taught by the team at OpenSource Connections
    • A free Search Hackday

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We’re also running regular Haystack LIVE Meetups featuring talks on search and relevance - and you can submit a talk here.

Haystack is the conference for improving search relevance. If you're like us, you work to understand the shiny new tools or dense academic papers out there that promise the moon. Then you puzzle how to apply those insights to your search problem, in your search stack. But the path isn't always easy, and the promised gains don't always materialize.

Haystack is the conference for organizations where search, matching, and relevance really matters to the bottom line. For search managers, developers, relevance engineers & data scientists finding ways to innovate, see past the silver bullets, and share what actually has worked well for their unique problems. Please come share and learn!

Why we created the Haystack conference series.