A Vespa Tour

Matt Overstreet • Back to Haystack 2018

An introduction to Vespa the "open big data serving engine" developed by oath.com, formerly Yahoo!.

We'll cover:

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Matt Overstreet

Usability is Matt Overstreet’s mission. He has worked with Federal, Fortune 500, and small businesses to help collect, mine and interact with data. When solving a problem, Mr. Overstreet synthesizes experience from a liberal arts and technical background. He has helped clients like ESM Solutions and McGill University identify the best approach to integrating Solr into their environment, including project roadmap and prototype development. As a trusted advisor, he has provided briefing to senior executives including the US Patent and Trademark Office IT on the strengths and weaknesses of Cassandra, one of the popular choices for Big Data columnar data stores. He has also hosted a webinar on Cassandra CQL3 language for Datastax’s community webinar series that was attended by over 500 people.