Top 10 Lessons learned in search projects the past 10 years

Jettro Coenradie • Location: Theater 4 • Back to Haystack 2020

One of the things I like, working as a consultant, is working on different challenges, find parallels between the various solutions, and learn a lot along the way. I worked for customers among the most prominent e-commerce, travel, and food industries in The Netherlands. In this talk, I want to share the top 10 lessons learned from doing search projects at these customers for the past ten years. Without giving away spoilers, the lessons vary in areas like organizational structure, KPIs, technology, content, and user experience. After the talk, you have some ideas and inspirations for improvements to your search projects.

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Jettro Coenradie


Jettro is a search relevance engineer at Luminis in The Netherlands who specializes in giving customers the best possible search experience. Jettro has been working with the elastic stack for years, and he knows his way around Solr as well. Next to search, he is experimenting with machine learning. Combining machine learning with Search to solve one of the hardest search problems, named ranking, is what keeps him going. Jettro believes in the vision of Luminis that: Knowledge is the only thing that increases by sharing. Therefore he writes blogs, gives training and presents at many meetups and conferences.