Top 8 search topics to teach your team members

Jettro Coenradie • Location: Theater 7 • Back to Haystack 2023

Imagine you are (like) me, a seasoned search relevance engineer who embarks on a new journey. You start a project to implement your company’s new killer search service. You go to the project’s kickoff and start talking about all the essential search relevance features the teams need to implement. And then, nothing. That intelligent backend engineer, nothing. That funny product owner, nothing. The analytics engineer, indeed, nothing.

Imagine you are an intelligent backend engineer and excited about a new project. You are going to build a new killer search service. This seasoned search relevance engineer starts blabbering about Elasticsearch, Solr, Vector Search, Hybrid Search, BM25, facets, and filters at the project kickoff. You have no clue what that person is telling you. You gaze at the person and hope to hear something familiar.

Sounds familiar? Then this talk is for you. Learn about working together on search relevance projects.

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Jettro Coenradie


Jettro is a software architect, search relevance geek, and data enthusiast that loves to talk about his job, hobbies, and other things that inspire people. Jettro truly believes in the Luminis mantra that the only thing that grows by sharing is knowledge. Jettro is also an author for Manning. At the beginning of this year Manning released his live project called "Elasticsearch for a Search API". After more than ten years of creating the best search engines for multiple customers, Jettro is drawn into Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. Learning and talking about NLP is what drives him to keep improving the user experience of search engines.