Establishing a relevance focused culture in a large organization

Tom Burgmans • Location: Theater 4Back to Haystack 2019

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For a relevance engineer one of the most difficult tasks in the tuning process is to convince others in the organization that this is a joint effort. Even the brightest search guru doesn't get very far when working in isolation, so establishing cross-collaboration through the organization is essential. But how to get there?

On top of that, in a large organization a relevance engineer often works on multiple seemingly unrelated search projects. The challenge is not to get drowned in building custom solutions for each project, but to design generic and re-usable strategies which solve many problems at once.

In this session we'll discuss how to build a widely supported basis for search quality improvements in an organization. It is full of practical tips and examples which could help you in establishing a cross-functional culture that is optimal for relevance tuning. It also zooms in on an holistic approach of solving multiple equivalent search issues at once.

Tom Burgmans

Wolters Kluwers