The gentle art of incorporating "business rules" into results

Scott Stults • Back to Haystack 2018

You've spent months tuning outstanding results by any objective measure, and now you've got to mess that all up so that some new product type shows up in every search. In this presentation we'll discuss ways to handle several situations like that. Almost as important, we'll factor the impact into our analytics so that we can optimize both IR metrics and whatever it was Marketing was trying to accomplish.

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Scott Stults

Scott Stults has led implementation teams on a variety of Department of Defense, UK Ministry of Defense, and commercial projects where implementing search has been constrained by sophisticated security requirements. He has implemented Multi-Level Security (MLS) in a Lucene-based environment and is working with the Solr community to develop best practices for securing Solr. As a co-founder of OpenSource Connections, which has been working with Solr since 2007, Mr. Stults leads the Solr Security Practice for the company. In 2011 he presented at the Basis Technology Open Source Search Conference on Multi-Level Security with Solr: Searching Documents at Various Classifications. More recently Mr. Stults was a presenter at Lucene Revolution on Indexing Big Data on Amazon AWS.