Relevant Facets

Lucian Precup and Radu Pop • Back to Haystack Europe 2019

In many contexts, facets are as important as the results themselves. While they are easy to handle when the data is structured and clean, they can be quite difficult to put in place on unstructured or low-quality data. This is particularly well seen in the context of e-commerce and marketplaces gathering several different vendors, but also in domains where data is heavily unstructured. With the arrival of voice assistants, chat-bots and other connected objects, displaying a list of results even very relevant as a first answer of the search engine is not an option. This talk is an exhaustive presentation around facets and how to make them relevant. Which facets to display and when, how to handle unstructured data, what’s the best user experience in each use case.

In short, how to make facets relevant again.

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Lucian Precup

CTO - Adelean

Lucian worked with the French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control (INRIA), Business Objects and SAP to build distributed databases and real time data integration software. As the CTO of Adelean, the company he founded in 2010, he develops search engines, nosql and big data solutions.

Radu is providing Consulting Services as Solutions Architect at Adelean. He handles projects around Elasticsearch and Adelean’s A2 search technology. He oversees the integration and evolution of search engines within large e-commerce platforms and marketplaces. Prior to joining Adelean, Radu acquired a solid experience in Web archiving, operating large scale crawling systems in the context of several European research projects. He holds a PhD in Computer Science and a MSc in Distributed Systems.