Past Haystack Conferences

Explore slides & content of previous Haystack search relevance conferences

Haystack 2021

The third Haystack held with an in-person event in Charlottesville and with all talks streamed online.

Haystack Online 2020

Haystack was held as part of a combined virtual event with Berlin Buzzwords & MICES and a follow-on series of weekly talks, Haystack LIVE!

Haystack North America 2019

Followup to the inaugural Haystack conference in Charlottesville, this time in a movie theatre.

Haystack Europe 2019

Haystack EU 2019 held in Berlin featuring many of Europe's top companies delivering cutting edge talks on practical search relevance.

Haystack 2018

The first Haystack, held in OpenSource Connection's Charlottesville offices, and the brewery next door.

Haystack Europe 2018

Haystack EU, held in London, featured many of Europe's top companies across many industries discussing search relevance problems.