Algorithmic Extraction of Keywords, Concepts, and Vocabularies

Max Irwin • Back to Haystack 2018

Keyword and vocabulary extraction and generation from corpora is an important area of information retrieval. Applicable to autosuggestions, synonym and term similarity, and natural language understanding, the available techniques are numerous and continuing to advance.

Drawing from research from both acedemia and the field, this talk will give a technical deep dive of existing techniques and libraries and their applications. The audience will learn which areas of research to further focus on to address their use cases, and walk away with an ability to begin implementation in their information retrieval stack.

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Max Irwin

Max Irwin is Principal Architect of Search Technology at Wolters Kluwer, where he leads a team of 12 talented engineers and experts to deliver state of the art search experiences to customers all over the world. He has over 20 years of experience developing and leading delivery of large scale applications in various industries, with 5 of those years focused on information retrieval.