Doug Turnbull • Back to Haystack Europe 2018

Odds are the code you're writing now will be an unmaintainable mess in 5 years. Why throw away that investment? Open Sourcing your code can be a key component of your platform strategy, creating community incentives to maintain and keep code alive over the long haul. As Bloomberg showed in open sourcing Solr Learning to Rank, they have made their Learning to Rank platform the Solr community's Learning to Rank platform. Holding too tightly onto code can actually harm your business! This talk argues why teams should more agressively open source as part of their search platform strategy.

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Doug Turnbull

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Search relevance consultant. Author of Relevant Search. Doug empowers some of the world’s best search teams to build smarter discovery solutions that “get” users. Doug leads OSC’s search relevance practice, ensuring quality and deliverables across all client projects.

Doug loves building tools that enable search relevancy delivery, including Quepid, Splainer, Elyzer, and the Elasticsearch Learning to Rank Plugin.