Multilingual Search Support in European E-commerce: A Journey with Apache Lucene

Lucian Precup • Location: TUECHTIG • Back to Haystack EU 2023

This presentation delves into the intricacies of implementing a multilingual search engine that efficiently supports over twenty European languages using platforms like Elasticsearch, OpenSearch, and Solr. We share the unique challenges posed by each language, and the strategic decisions made to ensure optimal functionality. Apache Lucene, renowned for its robust suite of Analyzers, Tokenizers, and Token Filters, also offers extensibility through plugins and integrations. Capitalizing on this flexibility, our team embarked on a mission to design and realize a comprehensive E-commerce search engine tailored for the diverse linguistic landscape of Europe. This talk will unravel the technical journey - the hurdles faced, insights gained, and the pivotal role of Apache Lucene in catering to multilingual user bases.

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Lucian Precup


Lucian Precup is the CTO of - the collaborative search engine developed at Station F in Paris. With his colleagues at Adelean, Lucian develops solutions for indexing, searching and analyzing data. Lucian regularly shares his knowledge in specialized conferences and organizes the Search & Data Meetup, Paris