Lightning Talks

• Location: Theater 5 • Back to Haystack 2024

Quick discussions about anything around search relevance! We’ll collect talks during the day.


  1. Henry Weller, Info retrieval vs info synthesis in RAG
  2. Mehul Shah, LLM-powered Unstructured Analytics
  3. Ben Trent, Optimized scalar quantization for vector search in Lucene
  4. Rajani Maski, Learning To Rank Lessons Learned & Best Practices
  5. Nick K, Searching Over Groups Instead of Multiple Indices
  6. Maya Ziv, Semantic search at a startup
  7. Denzell F, Make Vector embeddings Fast with Text-Embeddings-Inference
  8. Doug Turnbull, SearchArray
  9. Eric Pugh, Year in review for Quepid
  10. Brian Nauheimer, Open source ETL solution: Lucille
  11. Rene Kriegler, MICES
  12. Matt Overstreet, Langflow
  13. Praveen Mohan, Live demo: Choose the right ML search for your Business application (covering all ML infusions in OpenSearch)
  14. Lucian Precup, Interact with your technical documentation via GenAI

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