Day 2 Keynote - Evolution of Moody's Search: Embracing Cloud-Native Solutions to Enable AI-Powered Product

Jeremy Hudson and Rene Kriegler • Location: Theater 5 • Back to Haystack 2024

This presentation will delve into Moody’s transformative journey in search architecture, showcasing a significant shift from traditional servers running legacy SOLR software to a cloud-native AWS OpenSearch framework. The transition not only addresses the need for high availability and scalability but also marks a departure from the conventional monolithic relevance system, Lucidworks, towards custom designed in-house AWS serverless relevance architecture. Collaborating closely with the OpenSource Connections (OSC) team, Moody’s is progressing towards establishing search as a platform, aiming to enhance cross-products usability seamlessly, including for AI use cases.

To ensure the relevancy of search results, Moody’s has incorporated Quepid into its framework, offering a robust solution for analyzing search queries, understanding user intent, and fine-tuning search algorithms. This component plays a pivotal role in the ongoing efforts towards search testing and validation harness, ultimately enhancing the quality of search results across Moody’s systems.

Gen-AI initiatives at Moody’s are equally noteworthy, focusing on the implementation of semantic-based search powered by OpenSearch as a vector store. This initiative is complemented by an AWS Glue ingestion pipeline and the refinement of Vector embedding and chunking algorithms using ML Models. The culmination of these efforts serves as the backbone for Moody’s innovative Generative AI product, ‘Research Assistant,’ delivering a sophisticated and intelligent search experience enabling streamlined workflows and significant improvement for users to find ratings, research, and data more efficiently, helping translate those findings into valuable insights.

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Jeremy Hudson


Jeremy is the Managing Director, Engineering & Architecture for – heading up the development, QA, data engineering, devops and operations teams that build and maintain the Moody’s flagship product platform and enterprise website. He has been designing and building applications, sites, and platforms for the better part of two decades, helping to evolve and modernize Moody’s approach to highly scalable and highly available systems.

Rene Kriegler

OpenSource Connections

René has worked in search for almost two decades, including on projects for some of the top 10 German e-commerce sites. He is co-founder and co-organiser of MICES (Mix-Camp E-commerce Search), an event that brings together the e-commerce search community each year. His technological focus is on Solr, Elasticsearch and Lucene. He created and maintains the Querqy open source library for query rewriting. René is co-initiator of the Chorus project – an open source software stack that combines Querqy with other powerful tools to build e-commerce search and to measure and improve search quality.