Solr - Beyond the Core

Adam Walz • Location: Theater 4 • Back to Haystack 2020

Open source search technologies are used around the world in a broad tapestry of different uses and by companies of very different sizes. Industry giants like Box for use Solr for document search, Airbnb uses Solr for metadata search, and Salesforce for a mix of both. It is used by Target and Sears to help customers find the right product as fast as possible, and by for site search. An out-of-the-box installation can’t work for all of these cases simultaneously, and this need has led to a vast ecosystem of contributions and external repos living outside the “core” of Lucene and Solr.

Adam Walz


Prior to being acquired by Box, Adam was the CTO of - an AI search platform allowing users to find their content across all of their cloud apps from one place in natural language. Adam is now bringing that dream of intelligent enterprise search to Box for a much larger audience.

Before that, Adam worked at Evernote on search and machine learning. He shares ten years of experience in information retrieval and designing the search experience.