Haystack On Tour - Krakow 2023

Talks from the Search & Relevance Community at the Haystack On Tour Conference, Krakow, 2023!

The event was hosted by edrone at their HQ at Lekarska 1, Kraków, Poland.


  • Charlie Hull: “Why is search still so hard to get right?” Slides | Video
  • Rene Kriegler: “Towards systematic search quality improvement” Slides | Video
  • Piotr Stachowicz: “Voice Search – challenges & opportunities” Slides | Video
  • Arek Flinik (Lekta.AI): “Searching in the real world: why people not always want what they say they want – UX lessons learned from implementing search functions in commercial voice applications” Slides | Video
  • Atita Arora: “Vectorise your E-commerce Search” Slides | Video
  • Zbyszko Papierski: “Content deduplication: vector vs keyword approaches” Slides | Video