René Kriegler • Location: TUECHTIG • Back to Haystack EU 2023

We at OpenSource Connections started ‘Haystack - The Search Relevance Conference’ back in 2018. In his keynote, “The keystone”, our then CTO, Doug Turnbull, laid out the importance of a search relevance community that is based on the principles of openness and knowledge sharing. Five years on, the world of search has changed considerably: the community has grown more than we could ever imagine and search relevance has become foundational for many search teams. On the other hand, we realize that a good search means a lot more than good search relevance and AI provides us with new opportunities that we as a community are only beginning to understand. In his keynote talk, René will reflect on the role of our community in understanding and implementing good search today.

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René Kriegler

OpenSource Connections

René has worked in search for almost 16 years, including on projects for some of the top 10 German e-commerce sites. He is co-founder and co-organiser of MICES (Mix-Camp E-commerce Search), an event that brings together the e-commerce search community each year. He created and maintains the Querqy open source library for query rewriting. René is co-initiator of the Chorus project – an open source software stack that combines Querqy with other powerful tools to build e-commerce search and to measure and improve search quality. He works as Director E-commerce at OpenSource Connections.